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www.passwithcbs.co.uk is the on-line home for CBs Driving School Offering Advice, Downloads and Guidance to those learning how to drive or wanting to improve develop existing skills. Offering Lessons, Refresher sessions and Pass Plus in selected areas of Kent. These include Sevenoaks, Tonbridge & Tunbridge Wells. This Blog is commentary of life on the road, and a way for past and present pupils to keep track of changes, whether they are business, legal or just trivial.

Monday, 27 July 2009

CB's now on Twitter!

CB's has now launched our own Twitter page to keep you informed of the latest events, advice and general changes in both CB's and the driving world. Visit our Twitter page here to follow us and receive regular updates.

If you’re new to Twitter, it’s basically a website that allows you to stay in touch e with people from all over the world through the exchange of quick, limited answers to one simple question: “What are you doing?”

After you open up an account, you can use the site to post short updates of no longer than 140 character’s. People then sign up to follow your feed, and you can sign up to follow theirs. For more info and to sign up visit www.twitter.com and don’t forget to follow us by visiting www.twitter.com/passwithcbs!

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Friday, 24 July 2009

Counting Down! Ticking Things off the list! And NEARLY ready to roll!

Bye Bye BSM
Hello to the new TOTALLY Independent CB's Driving School!

Official fully independent launch date 4th September

Car - On order
Signs - Designed and being placed on the car
Business cards - Being passed around
Pupils - Coming thick and fast
Lessons - Running smoothly!

Job done!

Oh & special thanks to Louise Welfare ADI for the Lit Headboard! Gonna look great!

So, have a surf around the site www.passwithcbs.co.uk, tell your friends, share our FREE downloads.

AND now Follow CB's on Twitter!

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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Trailer Test

Busy Busy Busy! Sorry for the delay in posting.
Trying to sort out my training so I can pass my Trailer test (I, like anyone passing now, didn't automatically get the + E Trailer allowance on my licence so yet another test to take!). However, taking means that I will be able to offer you all Value for Money Trailer training. Which I am sure will appeal to any of the horse or sailing fans amongst you - or those who go to Caravan Club (The Inbetweeners - C4). Any interest let me know, I will keep you updated!

Lovely weather, thank God for air conditioning! Although preferring the window open option, even if my left arm is 2-3 shades darker than the right! I'm not greedy though, I'd be quite happy with 24-26 degrees instead!

Looking forward to my new car in August, finalise details in 2 weeks!

Check back soon!

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