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USEFUL INFO - 5 Steps to a future of driving

Getting your Provisional Licence – D1 Form available from the Post Office or apply online Click Here

Study, Apply for, Take and Pass the Theory test –Download our guide to the Theory test buy clicking here. The Theory test can be taken either before starting lessons, or after getting on the road. But MUST be passed before booking your Practical test so the sooner the better!
Theory Test - £31- Book Here / " class="read">Change Here.

Practical test – We will advise you when you are ready to take the practical test. However, normally we recommend booking this once the theory test is passed to avoid the long waiting list. This is on the understanding that we may agree to delay it if you are not ready to pass.
Practical Test - £62- Book Here / Change Here

Pass Plus, Advanced Driving, Motorway Tuition, and a willingness to continue your learning. Every time you get behind the wheel, every time you make a mistake, and every time you go somewhere new you are going to learn. Don't get stuck in a rut, stay willing, keep trying to improve your skills. Various schemes and organisations can help you, ask us for advice, and ALL drivers should do either Pass Plus or Post-test tuition following their test. The statistics speak for themselves!
To arrange Pass Plus training Click Here. CB's Driving School is registered with the KCC for the Pass Plus £60- saving scheme - Full details available on their website.

Driver Assessment and Improvement – When was the last time you had your driving assessed? When was the last time you looked at the Highway Code?

Typewriters became Computers, but you would need at least some simple training to use a PC. The same has happened with cars and the road, so get some advice.

Maybe you want your son or daughter to pass their test in a cheap hassle free way? Then improve your skills and help them improve theirs.
Do you always change gear 1-2-3-4-5 or 5-4-3-2-1? Do you signal around parked cars without thinking what you are telling people? Are you a flasher?

Contact Us for a driving assessment, and in as little as 2 hours we could have you seriously reducing your risk, increasing your fuel economy and enjoying your driving. We won't treat you like a learner, we will respect you for wanting to confirm that you are as good as you think, and we might just teach you something new!   Click Here

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance


This is a training program for newly qualified drivers. It's much more than just a few extra lessons. It is a specially designed course by the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Bear in mind that it will take a minimum of six hours, all of which need to be taken after passing your test. If more sessions are needed for you to successfully complete the course, this may add to the cost.
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If you are a Kent resident aged 17-19 you may qualify for a £60- saving on the price of your Pass Plus training. See their website for details.

To arrange £60 Discount for Pass Plus with CB's Driving School - Complete the attached application form and send it to KCC. They will send you a reference, required before you can start your course - But you can book it now, so get in touch! - Application form Download

Or to arrange Pass Plus training or for more information Click Here.



Part of your Practical test includes a 'Show me, Tell Me' section.
This is when your examiner will ask you either 'Show me' or 'Tell me' questions about general maintenance and safety checks on your car. This is done before the driving section of the test.

You can see the questions you will be asked by clicking on the link below and by clicking each of the questions. You can see see an example of the response you would give, but it does not have to be verbatim.

A wrong answer to one, or both of the questions counts as one Driver Fault (Minor), so make the effort to prepare.

For 'Show Me, Tell Me' questions click here

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