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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Going From Automatic to Manual

Q. How long may it take to learn to drive a manual car after driving automatics for three years? I passed my automatic car test three years ago, and now need to learn to drive a manual.
How long might it take to get to test standard for a manual, after driving autos for this amount of time? Would it be best to have an instructor or learn in a friend's vehicle?
Thanks in advance :)

A. Definitely get a professional instructor. While you may have all the experience you need to pass, you need someone to guide you through using the gears in a test situation. Also to beat out all the bad habits you have developed! (Always ask to see your ADI's badge as proof of their qualification)

How long? Depends on your Instructor, How good you are as a driver, and How quickly you learn!
Maybe 1 hour, Maybe 6 hours! Main thing to consider is, you don't want to take the test before you are ready. So take the time to get to test standard then pass the test! Also, even though you have an Automatic licence you will need to take and pass the theory test.
Advice for this can be found here.

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