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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Independent Driving - A Change to the Current Test

The DSA have announced that there will be an addition to the DSA Driving Test as part of their measures to bridge the gap between learning and post-test driving. DSA Chief Executive, Rosemary Threw, explains "The independent driving section of the test will consist of a period of about 10 minutes, during which time the candidate will be asked to do one of the following:
- drive to a destination following traffic signs.
- drive following a series of verbal directions.
- drive using a combination of both of these methods."
Plans are to introduce this section of the test from 4th October 2010.

Further details to follow. Also keep an eye on our Advice Page for downloads relating to this and other aspects of the test.

At CB's we thoroughly support this move and look forward to its introduction. Other issues we hope will also be addressed in the future are:

Motorway Driving - while Pass Plus is available there is no formal test or compulsory training to ensure a driver has the ability to drive safely on the motorway. Maybe a system similar to that used in Canada of a 2 part Provisional Licence should be introduced, this could include such things as limited engine size, passenger limitations and even a curfew.

Health and Eye sight checks - While the new Photo ID Licences require renewal every 10 years, there is no health check required. The responsibility is with the licence holder, and with some reports showing figures of 40% not having adequate eyesight for driving while behind the wheel this must be addressed!

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