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www.passwithcbs.co.uk is the on-line home for CBs Driving School Offering Advice, Downloads and Guidance to those learning how to drive or wanting to improve develop existing skills. Offering Lessons, Refresher sessions and Pass Plus in selected areas of Kent. These include Sevenoaks, Tonbridge & Tunbridge Wells. This Blog is commentary of life on the road, and a way for past and present pupils to keep track of changes, whether they are business, legal or just trivial.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Welcome to my blog

So, I have finally got the website up and running! Thanks to everyone who helped, advised and critiqued it for me.
Check out the Theory Test, Accompanying a Learner Driver, and Show me Tell me downloads for FREE advice for anyone who is learning - Feel free to share with friends and family.
Any visitors are welcome to drop me a line using the feedback form with questions, comments or just to say hi.

Great week last week. TWO first time passes, one at T Wells and one at Sevenoaks - Both lady drivers for the chauvinists amongst you! - AND TWO Theory test passes! So really pleased for you all! It's been a week of blue flashing lights with both Practical tests having emergency vehicles to deal with and minimal driver faults to show for it. A great result all round, next step Pass Plus.

Busy busy busy getting the website listed, spreading the word and arranging promotional merchandise, advertisements, cars and insurance for the next steps. Will at SSDM is trying to incorporate the website branding into my new car livery, can't wait to see it! I will post pictures as soon as it is finalised.

I will do my best to keep you all up to date with how things are going. Any new developments in life on the road either just for me, or changes effecting everyone - i.e. If they actually do something silly and reduce the National Speed limits!

P.S. Speed cameras have gone live on the Dartford crossing section of the M25! Not that it will cause any of you safe, sensible drivers a problem. But forewarned is forearmed! Forgotten the limits?

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